Flooring Guide for Businesses

Flooring Guide for Businesses

Has your office carpet seen better days? Is it time to replace your old, worn flooring in your shop, restaurant or business? When it comes to high traffic areas such as commercial businesses and offices you need to ensure you get the right type of carpet, household brands, whilst they are becoming more durable, are less likely to stand up to the higher footfall. 

Commercial flooring can also differ from residential flooring as it's more likely to need to have better sound absorbing properties or in the case of a music venue contribute to the acoustics of the room. You also need to consider where in the office or building you are placing your carpet, for example, walkways and corridors will have to deal with more traffic whilst a meeting room will tend to have less.  

You'll also have lots of people coming into your building from outside and this could lead to mud and other dirt being dragged in, which is why it's essential if possible to go for darker and more stain-resistant carpets and vinyl. 

If you are looking into flooring for your restaurant or cafe you again need to think about spillages and mishaps and go for an easy clean bleach resistant carpet as well as ensure you keep on top of carpet maintenance. Tile carpeting can also be extremely handy as opposed to wall to wall carpeting as you can easily replace a tile in the case of damage or a stain. 

Laminate or Carpet?

When it comes to choosing between laminate flooring or carpet for your office it is worth noting that carpets tend to have more varied designs and a wider range of colours to suit any environment whereas laminate can be easier to clean and mop after heavy use every day. 

We love the Natura collection from Ulster Carpets which comes in a range of bold designs and colours and is suitable for a wide range of public areas such as corridors and suites. 24 colourways in earthy hues and hushed tones offer the perfect contemporary colour palette for any company. Made up of 80% wool and 20% Nylon, Ulsters patented weaving process adds unrivalled depth and texture.

If you are looking for the perfect combination of style and powerful performance as well as great value look no further than the Mayfair range from Abingdon Flooring. Available in a range of tonal, geometric patterns the range perfectly balances sophistication and performance for the most demanding environments.

If laminate is more your style Karndean offer a great range of commercial solutions. Whether your business is based in the healthcare, hospitality or education sector there is a wide range of vinyl and laminate options to choose from. Featuring style and resilience in an array of textures and styles it can be adapted to suit your needs.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared in your search for a commercial carpet and if you have an idea of what you want why not get in touch with us today via our website or call us on 01925 827814. We offer a free measuring and estimate service and can help you decide on designs, colours and patterns. 

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