Choosing Your Perfect Dining Room Carpet

Choosing Your Perfect Dining Room Carpet

Is your dining room in need of a refresh? Has the once vibrant gleaming carpet now faded and stained? If you are considering an overhaul of your dining room there are some things you might want to consider before deciding on a carpet and making a purchase. Our handy guide covers all you need to know and includes some of our current go-to carpets for eating areas. 

What to Consider Before Buying 

No matter how careful you are when eating meals and serving guests in your dining room accidents are still bound to happen. That's why the three main things to consider when buying a carpet for this area of the home are colour, durability and stain resistance. Darker colours hide dirt and stains more easily than softer colours and patterns such as cheques and linework can disguise footfall and marks more easily. 

There are also plenty of extremely stain-resistant carpets out there to suit any budget. These carpets make your life easier by featuring stain-resistant fibres that stop spillage from sinking in so you can clean it before it does. They also often have the added benefit of being bleach cleanable, but as always check with the manufacturer before cleaning any carpet. 

If you want an even easier cleaning arrangement many people opt to not carpet wall to wall and utilise large rugs under their table and seating areas. This enables you to be even more adventurous with pattern and colour - why not add some bold shapes and a pop of colour to the room? Tiles can also be a great option for commercial dining areas due to them giving you the option of replacing one stained or damaged tile rather than the whole floor. 

Remember whatever carpet colour you go for and the guarantee you get with it, you also need to make sure that it is hardwearing! With all that shuffling about and pulling in and out of chairs less durable carpets with high piles are less likely to stand the test of time as ar cut pile carpets as they don't put up very well under the weight of the furniture. Short pile and level loop piles are your best options. Whilst Wool is a great natural hardwearing carpet it can be more expensive and synthetic carpets have become so advanced now, making them the ideal choice for longevity. 

Styling your Dining Room 

As mentioned previously you want to utilise darker colours if you can such as greys and charcoals or dusty browns if you want to go lighter. Pairing it with bold chandeliers and walnut furniture can give it a classy, modern style and the addition of carpet will make it feel warm and inviting underfoot. 

Darker carpets and rugs are also great against lighter coloured furniture whereas light coloured carpets make rooms feel brighter and larger. Your busier, patterned carpets are great to pair with rustic table sets whereas plain rugs can create a calming atmosphere. 

Our picks

Thanks to the latest yarn technology carpets are much more commonplace in dining rooms and we love Cormar Carpets bleach cleanable range. It’s the perfect choice for eating areas that need to stand up to frequent use. You can even afford to be a little more daring with your colours due to the ranges being so easy to clean. From the Primo Grande to the Ultra and Naturals there are over one hundred shades to choose from.

Victoria carpets Easicare range is also a great pick due to its hardwearing polypropylene yarns combined with a soft feel underfoot. The First Impressions range in particular comes in 16 versatile shades as well as a 15year warranty. They are also made right here in the UK.

If you are ready to find the perfect dining room carpet we are just a phone call or visit away. Call us on  01925 827814 to arrange a free no-obligation measuring and estimate or pop into our store and meet our friendly, knowledgeable team.

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